October 16, 2010. Since the morning room and the environment have started tidied and cleaned. fellow teachers Preparing everything in hand, for smooth sipinter socialization event later that day at 13:30 fit. Atmosphere socialization program integrated information management system on Elementary School Muhammadiyah 1 Paron are consuming enough sweat running with passion and kinship. despite the afternoon heat was so blanketed the atmosphere of training (it’s known ac not already installed) but the enthusiasm of the parents are extremely good, especially when the show opened with tausiah of principal that is mr. Darus. “School is not like the garage” was the message the father of the principal. if the garage take care of inanimate objects can be replaced once damaged, but the school take care of the human. learners in school time only a small fraction, so the school is just hyper and trigger the rest in the hands of parents alias be sharpened at home.
if the parent is busy? There are at leskan, there are deposited to the local clergy, there are at boarding school, entrusted the grandfather or grandmother, and some have already overdo busy on leave granted. submit all to school, now?
The second event is from heart to heart vent between teachers and parents. “My son would only eat fried eggs together soy sauce bango, if the others do not want” said one student trustee. torn it all attendees become gerr .. “its soy sauce replaced if he does not want to eat” he added. today’s prosperous era, but the tendency of children to eat less enthusiasm. instead of feeding the school program is a nutritious and balanced. nah solution?
sipinter this program is an effort to foster healthy communication links between schools and parents. should be how busy parents can check how the child’s academic situation. nah via hp can origin sipinter program.
age of the all time “click” the school as a place to play, educate and create all sorts of information and behavior that every second can be monitored and informed to the parents through a system based on wap, web, and SMS can now be enjoyed in Elementary School Muhammadiyah 1 Paron.
evening event is finished once again the teacher swiftly clean up the room that has been used since the 18th will be no midterms (UTS). for it all to be prepared, including children at home must also be more fast learning.
Hope can be utilized and supported widely.